About the project

EPAM Project – Business development in the aromatic and medicinal plant sector in Portugal



The EPAM Project aims to:

– foster the development of a national network related to the production and sale of aromatic and medicinal plants (PAM);

– support entrepreneurship within the sector and develop the capacity of its agents;

– increase and disseminate knowledge within the sector; and

– build on experience and prepare policy proposals.


Areas of Activity

– KNOWLEDGE: Document innovation and best practice in the PAM sector at national and international level | Create a database of producers and other agents in the sector – view MAP OF PRODUCERS here.

– RELATIONSHIP: Hold National and Local Meetings | Foster the development of common practices within the sector (including work groups and study visits)

– DISSEMINATION: Publish information in newspapers and other media| Create a Manual on Good Practices for Production, Sale and Promotion of PAM | Train PAM rural development agents

– POTENTIAL: Cooperate with the public sector on issues related to the development of the sector | Develop expertise for sale and marketing of products (cooperation, domestic and international promotion, differentiation)


Promoters / Funding

The EPAM Project is coordinated by the Portuguese non-governmental organisation ADCMoura – Associação para o Desenvolvimento do Concelho de Moura and received support under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (FEADER) for its start.


 Contact us: info@epam.pt

Detailed information on the project and the process: http://epam.pt/o-projecto-o-processo/ (in Portuguese)